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Little Brown Dog is a full service pet grooming studio. Owner/Groomer Brooke El-Merrahi is an NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer), so no matter the breed, we’ve got you covered.

We’re an appointment-only shop (you can see all our policies related to this right here) that focuses on straight-through1 grooming to reduce stress on pets and to get them back to you as fast as possible. We also strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible so all grooming is towel-free2 along with a bevy of other green measures.

Cat Grooming? Seriously‽

Yes! Emphatically, yes!

Contrary to popular belief, cats need professional grooming just as much as dogs. When a cat is grooming themselves, they’re just licking their coat and feet… this is superficial grooming. At best they’re removing a bit of dust and some grease. However, their saliva gets deposited throughout their coat (gross!) and no matter how much licking they do, they can’t really degrease themselves. This results in a greasy, smelly cat.

Writing about it probably won’t convince non-believers… but a cuddle with a kitty that has just left our shop will.

Another popular myth is that cats hate baths. This is also untrue. Most cats tolerate baths just fine… and some outliers seem to downright enjoy them.

But getting a cat into a bath and making a cat comfortable in a bath are two completely different things. Grooming cats isn’t a straightforward process–there’s a ton of training and knowledge required for every step of the process–and for the most part, it’s best left to a professional cat groomer.

At Little Brown Dog only CFMG certified master groomers work with cats… so we’re professionals. More like cat samurai actually.

Samurai Cat 13 by Hiroshi | Awaiting Attribution Information
Samurai Cat 13 by Hiroshi

Basic Service

Bath & Brush

This is the foundation of all our services. Every pet that comes into Little Brown Dog gets a Bath & Brush. This is the only “required” service. Everything else is à la carte.

Cats are grease machines. Gross, but true. To get your cat squeaky clean we will bathe them at least twice with a specially formulated feline degreasing shampoo. After the bath, our expert staff will hand dry them to decrease shedding, eliminate tangles, and generally fluff them up. Nail trimming, ear cleaning and a sanitary clip (if you desire) are also included in the Bath & Brush.

Additional charges may apply for mat removal, behavioral issues, or ectoparasites.



Haircut pricing is in addition to the cost of a Bath & Brush. The Bath & Brush is a required service.

Basic Cut

Looking for an easy to manage, low-shedding, low-matting solution for your kitty? The Basic Cut is the answer. With The Basic, you can get either a lion trim3 or a fox trim4–your choice. Furry couches, mats & tangles begone!

Aggressive and elderly cats may not be the best candidates for the Basic.5


Advanced Cut (Currently Unavailable)

When you want an out of the ordinary haircut, it’s time to whip out The Advanced.

Advanced haircuts are always performed by CFMG certified master stylists and are limited only by your imagination. Maybe you want a shorter cut, but don’t like the extreme look of a lion trim… or maybe your older cat has super thin skin that won’t tolerate a shave-down. Whatever your desire, we can probably accommodate it.

Please feel free to bring in photos of what you’re looking for or discuss options and ideas with your stylist.

Pricing may increase depending on complexity of the cut.


Additional Services

Service pricing is in addition to the cost of a Bath & Brush. The Bath & Brush is a required service.

Deshedding Treatment

All cats get a deep, yet gentle, deshedding treatment. Our staff will get built-up undercoat and dead hair out, which means better skin circulation for your cat and less hair on the couch for you.

no charge

Shell Belly

If you’re looking for a full coat but would like to decrease grooming needs and matting, shaving the belly–a “shell belly”–might be a great option for you.

Available in either half or full shell.

$10 • $20

Soft Paws

A great solution for a kitty who gets a kick out of clawing furniture, or as a fun fashion statement.

Soft Paws are pliable, rubberized caps attached to each of your cats nails. They last from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on nail growth and the activity level of your cat. We’ve got tons of color choices (pink, red, blue, green, black, clear, sparkles… and on and on).

We’ll trim your cat’s nails (additional charge) and apply the correct size Soft Paws in the color of your choice.

Only available for front claws


Toe Tuft Trim

Finding cat litter all over the house? Don’t like the idea of nasty stuff getting stuck in kitty’s feet? Cat paws looking suspiciously like Hobbit feet? Time for a Toe Tuft Trim.


  1. Straight-through grooming simply means we’re appointment-based. You drop your pet off with us and we get to work on them immediately… which means they won’t be kenneled for hours awaiting a bath or haircut. Generally, the only time your pet will be kenneled is when they’re awaiting pickup.
    Important Note: Little Brown Dog is 100% appointment-based so we ask clients to pick pets up in a timely manner. 
  2. For us, “towel-free” grooming means we use a single synthetic drying chamois per pet instead of multiple cotton towels. Why is this a big deal? Mainly because a drying chamois gets your pet dry faster so we need to use the force dryer (basically a big hairdryer) less. This results in much lower stress for your pet and less wasted electricity. If you’re interested, you can read even more about towel-free grooming and our progression toward becoming a fully environmentally sustainable business
  3. With a lion trim your cat will be shaved close on their body, belly, and chest, while the hair on their head, legs and neck (or “mane”) will be left long and there will be a “pom” on the end of their tail (just like an African lion). 
  4. A “fox trim” is our version of a “blended lion trim”. As with a lion trim, your cat will be shaved close on their body, belly, and chest, while the hair on their head and legs will be left long. However, the fox trim differs from the lion trim around the head (which will be blended into the body instead of having a distinct “mane”) and tail (which will lack the distinctive “pom” you get with a lion trim). Basically, a fox trim is a more streamlined version of a lion trim. 
  5. Fractious and elderly cats tend to do better with a simple Bath & Brush.