Little Brown Dog is owned by sibling team Melissa and Scott Fidge. Melissa’s the grooming talent and Scott’s the pet portrait photographer and resident polymath.

The Shop

Little Brown Dog is in a wonderful little converted victorian in the trendy neighborhood of LoHi in Denver, Colorado. It’s warm and welcoming and we do our absolute best to make all pets (and their humans) as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay with us.

Both Mel and Scott are environmental stewards… and while it may be considered a clichĂ© to say you’re a green business these days, we really are. If you’re interested, take a look at our path toward becoming a fully environmentally sustainable business.

A Bit About the Groomer

Melissa has been passionate1 about dogs since she was a young child. This obsession led to an early career in the pet industry beginning in her late teens, which continued throughout college. Upon graduating with a biology degree (with a focus on animal behavior), she decided to make a career out of it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Melissa Fidge NCMG, CMFG
Melissa Fidge NCMG, CFMG

Never one to pass up an opportunity for list-making, Scott has compiled some of the main things you should know about Melissa and why you should trust us with your pet… and their hair.

  • She’s an award-winning groomer and an artist with shears
  • She’s been in the grooming industry for over two decades
  • She’s both an NCMG (Master Dog Groomer) as well as a CFMG (Master Cat Groomer)
    • Only two other groomers in all of Colorado can claim this
  • She’s well versed in dog and cat behavior so she’s exquisitely sensitive to your pet’s stress level and goes to great lengths to make their stay with us as calming and positive as possible
  • She began grooming confirmation show dogs in 1997 (including Westminster Kennel Club winners) and cats in 2012
    • She has helped numerous dogs and cats reach their Champion and Grand Champion status in the confirmation show ring
  • While she was active in the grooming competition circuit, she attained top ranking as GroomOlympics World Champion
  • She’s been an active grooming trainer since 2010
  • Finally, she shares her home with her on-call, in home veterinarian (and loving boyfriend) Bill; James, the original little brown dog; and the littlest of cats with the mightiest of names, Ripley2 the Singapura
Melissa and James, our little brown dog, as a wee pup
Melissa and James (THE little brown dog) as a wee pup

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  1. cough cough obsessed cough 
  2. Just to clarify, Rip was named after the heroine, Ripley, in the Alien films