Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the check in and out process all done at the door?

When life unexpectedly changed there were some really hard times but as years go by we are left with a process that surprisingly works very well for our mission to provide straight through, one on one grooming services that are so sought after. Not having parents coming in to say “hello” to all the pups that are going through the process has had a very helpful impact. It is NOT at all that we don’t miss the human connection with all the community that we really do care about/for, it helps us strive to meet the timelines that are needed to be able to take care of all the doggies that come to us for their spa visits.

Why has my price changed from this year compared to last year?

As with any industry the pet services industry is affected by inflation. Annually (and as absolutely necessary sometimes midyear) we do assess an inflation increase. Typically we go through the rates both nationally and state to determine what is equitable. When possible we do apply the lower of the two rates to our services. If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification.