Interested in Joining our Team?

Hey there! So you’re looking to become a groomer? Or maybe you’re already a groomer, but you’re looking to make a change? Or maybe you’re just the kinda person who likes to read job pages? Or maybe you’re just here for James the WonderDog…


…whatever the reason, you like dogs and that’s what really matters!

Seriously though…

When Little Brown Dog was started, the goal was to build a different type of groom shop. The goal was to create a space with a salon-like atmosphere—a sanctuary for pets. A place where animals and their parents feel like they are pampered.

We feel we’ve accomplished this and continued to deliver this through the changes that have sprung upon us, and a huge part of it comes from our amazing family(staff). They love working here, love the work, and adore the pets that come in… and it shows.

We are also obsessed with quality. While our focus isn’t on show dogs, we want every pet leaving the shop looking amazing and we bust our butts to make that happen–we do not cut corners at Little Brown Dog.

Yeah I know, that’s all kinda serious… but the fact of the matter is, while we all work hard, we also laugh, socialize and have a blast doing it!

Sound like a place you would like to work? Check our job openings!